Purchasing an Original



 All works on this site not labeled “sold” are available for purchase.

Contact me for a full price list of available works, or for info about a specific piece.



If you enjoy the style of my work and would like to have a specific subject captured with a bit of Zepeda magic, commissioning an original piece may be right for you…


Commission Process

1. Contact me to discuss your thoughts and ideas about the painting you wish to commission, citing existing works (created by yours truly or otherwise), objects or people you admire as a point of reference

2. Once we discuss the concept and style, I will photograph the location/subject matter (if applicable), visit the desired location (if required) and discuss a start date

3. After agreeing upon the terms, I will draft a simple contract and send it to you for review; the terms are general: price, line items, publicity and exhibition clauses

4. 50% of the commission total is due upon signing, and the remaining 50% is paid on the successful delivery of the work

5. Once completed, the work(s) will be shipped/hand-delivered immediately.

Commission Availability and Pricing


My commission availability fluctuates — sometimes I have a three month wait, others, I can start immediately. Prices vary depending on size, subject matter and complexity.






All Major Forms of Payment Accepted

Thank You

Secure Credit Card Transactions via Square & Paypal

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