Oil Paint, Gold & Silver Leaf on Canvas




Process photos from the live-painting event below


uncubed-sunshine-painting-crowd-zepedaThe Metropolitan Pavilion was filled with an excited crowd for the Uncubed NYC event.

“Uncubed is a high energy and creative gathering of thoughtful leaders,

high-caliber talent and the top startups in the country.”

It was also a lot of fun.


Wakefield brought together a diverse group of companies including Tumblr, American Airlines, and Moo with an after party by Spotify. Following an introduction by Indiewalls, I was invited to create a painting live at the event.  Booze, information and creativity all flowed, making for an interesting blend.


uncubed-sunshine-painting-before-zepedaA blank slate provides endless possibilities.

I am given under three hours to complete this piece while interacting with onlookers.


uncubed-sunshine-painting-process-1-zepedaA sketch lays the foundation.


Uncubed-Sunshine-Painting-Progress-2-ZepedaThe background is painted black to make what is to come really pop.


Paul-Zepeda-Live-Painting-Uncubed-EventMuch surface area to cover with little time to spare.


uncubed-sunshine-painitng-progress-3-zepedaGold and silver leaf are applied in a whirlwind of shimmery messiness.


uncubed-sunshine-painting-paul-zepedaFinished Piece

Uncubed Sunshine




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